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Clements Contractors - Quarries and Landscaping Supplies

We quarry it, move it and shape it!

Our company has firmly established its place in the Northland contracting, quarry supplies industry through sheer hard work and determination. We know the value of good old fashioned customer service, and we never underestimate the importance of providing quality materials at the right price. Our team has grown to match our range of services, and over the past three decades we have expanded our holdings to include 5 quarries in widespread locations – offering a massive boost for our production levels, and a great convenience for our customers.


Our approach of having the right products and the right machines for the job now sees us operating more quarries than ever before; and a modern, efficient fleet including trucks, trailers, diggers, loaders, graders, bulldozers, rollers and crushing plants. This translates into cost savings for our customers, and, most importantly, a high-quality finish – our real point of difference.


Quality topsoil, rocks, sand and graded metal aggregates + expert contracting services


We’re committed to producing excellent results for our clients with every job we take on; and I’m sure you’ll agree when we finish your next planned job! Another aspect of our company that sets us apart from the crowd is our ability to source quality supplies from our own quarries. This gives us the ability to provide large quantities of landscaping and aggregate supplies to our clients.





CCNZ Northland Construction Awards 2017

Winner of the Construction Projects Over $1,000,000

O N E K A I N G A   H E I G H TS   S U B D I V I S I O N  -  W H A N A N A K I   N O R T H

“Our goal is to have the tools, equipment, resources and ‘know-how’ for your next job - large or small. We recognize that our people are our business and we make every effort to create an environment where the entire team takes pride in their work.”