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Need landscaping rocks,
clean topsoil, garden bark or pebbles?

We’ve got the quarries, the supplies, and the transport!

From landscaping rocks through to sand, bark, and garden pebbles, Clements Contractors can meet your landscaping needs easily and affordably. We’re the local guys who keep prices down and service levels high, giving our customers access to landscaping supplies direct from our quarry to your site – no fuss, no problems! We offer both commercial and residential supplies, including topsoil and all types of rocks, pebbles, and graded metal aggregates, perfect for your next job.


Need it delivered? Whether your job is big or small, we have transport options no matter the quantity.



Small quantities? We’re your guys.

With Clements Contractors, you can be sure that your garden and lifestyle landscaping needs are important to us. Pop up to the quarry with your trailer and well get the team to load you.


No trailer? No worries! Give us a call or drop into the office to see some friendly faces who can arrange our small truck to deliver to your door. We are also happy to offer advice and support for those unsure of quantities required for landscaping, so be sure to chat with one of our friendly team prior to ordering!



Clements Contractors: The Clever Contractors

Why do they call us ‘The Clever Contractors’? Because we’ve been in this industry for so long that we really know our stuff! We operate quarries in the Whangarei area – on the out skirts of the CBD and also on the coast. We stock raw supplies required for our contracted work, and sell those supplies direct to you. We have a skilled contracting team, who are able to work on anything from house site formation through to driveways and subdivisions, and because we get our hands dirty each and every day, we know what good contracting is all about.


For us, it all starts with quality materials – and that’s why we offer our supplies direct to the public.


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